Monday, September 9, 2013

Freebie & Pin 2 Win

Hello everybody! In this post is a FREEBIE and a Pin to Win the newest 24/7 Teacher product. But first I'd like to publicly ask for help. The font on my post and headers is driving me nuts. I've tried and tried to fix it but I can't. I've even asked around and everyone seems to busy. So if you're interested in helping I can pay you anything you want. So if you're interested in helping me out please send an email to Thanks! I will be eternally grateful to whomever is willing to lend a hand. 

Linking up with Charity Preston for
Manic Monday @ Classroom Freebies

Her Manic Monday teacher linky party is one of the best places to go to collect free teaching materials. I'd say that her Freebie Friday link up would be the next best place for teacher freebies! 

This freebie is Interactive Reading Notebook Tabs. 
Click here or the images of the tabs to see the FREEBIE.

I am proud to announce the newest product for 2nd Grade. 
I 100% whole heartedly endorse this product to be in every Second Grade classroom that implements Common Core. 

My husband, who is also a teacher, was editing. While editing he said something along the lines of, "Wow! Some of my kids don't know this material when they reach me. If everyone used this then we would be sure that our kids had the material presented in a fashion that they can refer to for life." 

My son who is in 12th grade still has his Interactive Notebooks from middle school. He probably would have kept elementary ones if he used them in elementary. I don't think they were super popular back then. Note: The ones that he has are not any where near the caliber of this unit.

My daughter who is in 9th grade refers to her Interactive Notebooks all the time. We are in the fourth week of school so it seems like they are already pretty well developed. (Shh… After looking at hers it's easy to see that there is a market for upper grades resources.) I'm not going to tackle that one but if you are familiar with upper grades common core then go for it. Not trying to hurt anyones feelings… I'm just saying. 

It's listed at 50% off today. 
Pick it up if you teach 2nd grade or Pin It to Win It. 
Just leave your pin url in the comment section below along with your email. I will choose a winner Friday. If you do pick it up now you can still Pin to Win and choose another prize when I email you. :) 

Because the comment boxes below are weird feel free to email the pins to the email at the top of this post. I can also use someone who would like to fix my comments. I'm just throwing my hands up on this one. If you want the job send me an email. 

Click the images to see more!  

Pin Away!
To pin hover over the image and a pin button will be on the top left of the image. :) 

The best part about this unit is that it's extremely efficient for the teacher. 
  • The pages don't need to be shrunk. 
  • There isn't much cutting as the standard is right on the page. 
  • There are engaging, kid tested flap books, fold-ables, and flip-ups. 
  • Every Common Core Reading Standard is covered independently. Foundational Skills, Informational Text, and Literature. 
  • Every page comes pre-filled and filled. Making it easy for you to differentiate. So if you take a look at the image directly above this section of the post you will see the roller coaster sample. The two pages for that standard is featured there. You can see that one has the writing and the other doesn't--- it only has the picture of the roller coaster and the standard. 
  • Every anchor page has the standard right on it. 
Save Time, Plan Less! 

 Please don't pin this preview. It's only for the blog post. 
Please don't pin this preview. 
I'm just including it in this blog post so you can see more! 

Next up is my linky for Made it Monday with Fourth Grade Frolics. 
I don't make very many things. I'm not crafty. Well- I'm crafty on a computer but not crafty in real life. Needless to say I love, love, love looking at all the cool crafts everyone does for the Made it Monday Linkup. Click here to go check out all the cool things teachers create at Fourth Grade Frolics. 
There is also a really cool Rafflecopter Mega Giveaway over there. A must see! 
So I didn't make anything but I did want to show you all this. I "Made" my kids spend some of their time this weekend cleaning up our deck and pool area. 
The palm trees dropped what could have been thousands of little balls (I know they are seeds) all over the deck. It was crazy and stinky! 
The kids did a great job! I'm so proud of their hard work! 
I am blessed beyond words!!! 
It looks AWESOME! 



  2. Love your interactive notebook. I used one in high school social studies and it was amazing! I still have it and I went back to it many times in college.

    Here's the link to my Pin it to win it!

    A Day In The Life Of A Title I Teacher

  3. Wow, this looks great! If I taught 2nd grade I would snatch this up.

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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  4. I love this product. Here is my URL for pinterest.


  5. Your header looks great on my computer. What is the matter? I love reader's notebooks. Thank you for the freebie!

    Eclectic Educating

  6. I love that reading journal! May need to get that for my second graders!

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