Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day Everyone! The winners of my Pin to Win on Friday are: Carol-Ann R., Mary H., and Melissa @ Flying Into Fourth. As soon as it's uploaded to Dropbox I will send out to you. Thanks for entering! Today I'm linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for Currently, Charity Preston Manic Monday Classroom Freebies, and A Peek at My Week with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings.

Here are some cute pics I posted on my Facebook page.  

Now for my FREEBIE for Manic Monday Freebies

It's a sample of my 1st Grade Close Reading and Text Evidence Toolkit. 

Just click the image to take a look. 

Now for a peek at my upcoming busy week. 

Swim Meet: My son is captain of the Varsity swim team at his school. 

Football game: My daughter is a cheerleader at her high school. 

Did I mention that they go to different schools in different cities? The driving!


Must clean my garage! It's an epic disaster! 

Going to work on a mega item for 2nd grade. 

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