Friday, April 5, 2013

Close Reading Freebie

Click the first image to see FREE samples from my Close Reading and Text Evidence Toolkit.  

The samples in the unit above come from the unit below.

New Post Pics added 8/31/13. 

Close Reading 101: Tools, Templates and More for Common Core. If you like what you see then you'll want to grab the full toolkit from my store. Enjoy!

With text complexity increasing during this new Common Core era "Close Reading" is critical. Shifting from Guided Reading to Close Reading is happening in CCSS classrooms across the U.S..

Here's the description of my Close Reading & Text Evidence 101: Tools, Templates and More for Common Core.

In an effort to demonstrate confidence I have each page in the preview. That's right all pages are in the preview of my Close Reading Pack! Take a look!

In my Close Reading Toolkit:

>>>  50+ Reading Response Sheets

> Close Reading Lesson Plan Templates
> Observation Templates for Running & Anecdotal Records.
> Close Reading Strategy Anchor Charts
> Strategy Bookmarks
> Lesson plan forms (Several)
> Textual Evidence and Text Dependent Question Cards Aligned to Standards
> Vocabulary Graphic Organizer
> Close Reading Question Sticks (Print these labels then put them on Popsicle Sticks. Place in a cute cup and you'll be all set.)
> Text Coding/ Marking Anchor Chart and Bookmark
> Rap Anchor Chart and Bookmark (Restate the Question, Answer, and Prove with Textual Evidence)
> RACE Anchor Chart and Bookmark (Reword the Question, Answer and Cite Text Evidence)
- Race and RAPP Graphic Organizers (gets students actively involved in learning how to answer complex text dependent questions using textual evidence)
> Discussion/ Conversational Anchor Chart and Bookmarks
> Think, Stop, Jot Anchor Chart and Bookmarks
> One Sound One Box Word Work Activity (Can't forget phonics)
> Show and Tell the text evidence Anchor Chart and Bookmark
> Listening Tips Anchor Chart
> Compliments Anchor Chart (Extra Goodie to promote the listening and speaking portion of CCSS)
> brief explanation of what "Close Reading" is.
> Close Reading Procedure Sequence (First Reading, Second Reading, Third Reading)
> 40 Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension
*Detect and Analyze Fictional Genre
*Detect and Analyze Text Structure
*Detect and Analyze the Author's Purpose
*Be Inquisitive and Ask Questions
*Graphics -setting, characters, plot understanding
*Analyze Non-Fiction (Author's perspective, purpose, cite evidence)
*Prove It (Central Message and Cite the Evidence)
*Be Responsible (Character response to event)
*Tell it All Summarize
* Sum it Up Summarize
* Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer
* Figurative Language G.O.
* Idioms G.O.
* Metaphors G.O.
* Similes  G.O.
* Event Web
* Character Map
* Setting Graphic Organizer
* Central Message G.O.
The list goes on!

Strategy Bookmarks can be used during the small group lesson, independent reading time or taken home for extra practice.





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