Friday, September 13, 2013

5 for Fri. w/ a Freebie

Congratulatory Celebrations for Shanon B.! She won my 2nd Grade Interactive Reading Notebook.

Linking up with Charity Preston @ Teaching Blog Addict for Freebie Friday the 13th. 

My freebie for today is a sample of my Superhero Unit. 

My Five for Friday will feature 5 items I've recently updated. 

1. In this unit, which is still at 50% off, you will find 24 September themed passages. 

As we learn about Close Reading we are learning that annotating right on the text is critical. Text coding and marking for different purposes over the course of days is a must. So I decided to go into all my units and duplicate each passage so that you receive one with a border and one without a border so that you can implement Close Reading procedures. 

I first started with this simple September Unit. It is an informational text unit that has a 
 Table of Contents has the dates of each special day. This makes it easy for you to figure out when to use the passages. To make it easy for you to navigate I hyperlinked each title so that when you click the title you will go directly to the page. No need for scrolling to find what you need. All you do is click and you will be right there. Isn't that efficient. 

The titles of the passages are: 

1. Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15th - Oct.15th)
2. Better Breakfast Month
3. Grandparent's Day (1st Sunday after Labor Day)
4. Classical Music Month
5. Labor Day -1st Monday of September
6. Teddy Bear Day -Sept. 9th 
7. Video Game Day -Sept. 12th
8. Uncle Sam Day -Sept. 13th
9. International Chocolate Day -Sept. 13th 
10. Mayflower Day -Sept. 16th 
11. National Play-Doh Day -Sept. 17th 
12. Constitution Day -Sept. 17th
13. Citizenship Day -Sept. 17th 
14. Rice Krispies Treats Day -Sept. 18th

2. Then I went in and updated this 40 Passage Unit unit so that you have a text with border and a text without border. This unit has much more complex text than the unit above. The questions are more rigorous as well. Making it ideal for assessment purposes. It's over 340 pages too. 

3. After doing the above I had to go in and update my Bundle of 3 Bundles. I can't tell you how hard it is to keep doing all these updates. Aye, aye, aye! 

By getting the Bundle of 3 Bundles you would save over $50. 

4. Here's an example of the Apple unit that is in the units above. 

Recently I also updated the cover below. How cute is that!?! 
That was made with 3am Teacher and Library Fox Graphics. Totally awesome artists!

5. Oops! I had something here but I removed it. Sometimes I have to watch what I say. 

Thank you to Doodle Bugs for giving me a place to vent each week.  

I'm sure the purpose of the linking is not venting but that seems to be what I always end up doing.  


  1. that is awesome!!! I am going to follow all your stuff right now!! I am feeling the same way...I just started back in June seriously setting up my blog and my TpT store and I am so trying not to compare my humble beginning to someone elses middle, I just want this thing to take off. I thought if I did a giveaway that would help out, but I only have 14 entries!! Its frustrating, but I know if I am patient, things will get going!! Come on over to my giveaway if you like, sheaerly sadler 4th grade!

  2. I am one of your biggest fans so you are already a legend in my book! I was kind of sad to read this post because your hard work is evident in your products and you really have nothing to be jealous of. You have proven what you can achieve all on your own. I appreciate your low prices and usually snatch things up as soon as you post them because they're half off and I know they'll be great quality. You don't sell "fluff." I hope you will continue doing things just the way you are doing them and stay true to yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work and congratulations on the achievements! You deserve them. :)



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