Saturday, August 17, 2013

Text Dependent Questions & More

In this post you will find video tools and links for Close Reading, Text Evidence and Text Dependent Questions. With text complexity increasing--- the need to for Close Reading and creating Text Dependent Students is urgent. Close Reading is the first two words of the Anchor Standards

1. Text Dependent Questions do not ask students to use any background knowledge. (Background knowledge does serve as a tool to successful reading with a robust vocabulary and ability to comprehend as it relates to processing.)

2. Text Dependent Questions involve gathering evidence as answers are not "right there". 

3. Text Dependent Questions don't ask students to relate to their personal lives. 

4. For Close Reading: Code the text using systematic strategies, with sticky notes or directly on the text where allowed. 

Teaching Close Reading will help students learn to analyze sentence by sentence and look at words or phrases effect on text. Deciphering the author's purpose is critical. Through skilled Close Reading answering Text Dependent Questions such as what students will find in PARCC will be familiar.

Use the following links to learn more about Text Dependent Questions and Close Reading. 

This includes measures for Informational Text

Article by Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey and Tim Shanahan

100s of Resources to use in the classroom today! 

Lexile.Com's Response to the Increased Text Complexity

Earlier this year I posted Doug Fisher's First Close Reading Video.
Here is the Second.

Here is Tim Shanahan's Video about "Complex Text."

Here are some sample slides to guide a step by step process. 

For 100's of Close Reading Passages with Text Dependent Questions and FREEBIES for Students to Cite Textual Evidence click here and peruse through to find what you need. 
The Text Complexity is appropriate for grades 2nd-5th. 
Everything is 20% off 8/17. 

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