Friday, October 25, 2013

November Close Reading Unit & Text Coding Sample for Teacher Freebie Friday

Hello Everybody! Can you believe this is the last Friday of October? I don't know about you but the last three months of the year always fly by. First there's Halloween, then there's Thanksgiving, and in a flash we celebrate Christmas. Please forgive me for such a long post. To see the Pin to Win scroll to the bottom.   

Today I'm linking up with the Teaching Blog Addict for Freebie Friday

I am so excited to share this freebie with you because it highlights my newest unit. Thursday I finished our November Close Reading Passage Unit. It's full of fun informational texts to celebrate the month of November. 

Mastering the "Close Reading" of informational texts is critical! Truly engaging for specific purposes is essential and we can't forget to revisit. Repetition of the same passage is a must!!! 

Why do you revisit? 

We revisit to change our focus. From author's purpose, to making inferences (what's the real message or a hidden message the author is trying to get across), to asking thick questions, or to learn a new subject and internalize or take ownership of a text. 

I don't know about you--- but last year I used the Veteran's Day holiday to prepare the reading packets I sent home with my students for the Thanksgiving Break. I have always sent my students home with a reading packet for each and every break. I wish I started making these units 10 years ago when I first started teaching. Everything would have been so much easier. The time I would've saved to spend with my own little ones. So, I also included a cover that you can use in class or for a take-home packet. 

I tried but I just couldn't show everything in the preview. There's soooooo much! 165 pages and "No Fluff". Just print and go! Every question is aligned! A full alignment page is included. 

I forgot to mention that I'm trying to include technology in my products. I'm also going back into my older units CONSTANTLY--- to modify, tweak, and make improvements. 

So with this unit all you have to do is click the title in the table of contents and there you are--- you are "magically" at the passage desired. No scrolling or searching. Saving you TIME! Oh how precious time is!!!

Click here to see the full unit. 

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Above is a pic of what I am using immediately! 
It's the Mayflower portion of the unit. 

Update 10-26: Yashika and Lisa are the winners of the giveaway! 
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A big thank you to everyone who entered. I will remember your kindness forever! 


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