Friday, September 6, 2013

5 4 Fri. & a Freebie

Today I'm linking up with Charity Preston over at the Teaching Blog Addict for The First Freebie Friday of September. 

It honors me to say that my post from last week is featured there. How totally cool is that? 

Click here to go have some fun and check out all the Freebies. 

Click here to take a look at my FREEBIE for this Friday. 

Another fantabulous blogger I'm linking up with is Doodlebugs! 
This is one of my favorite teacher linky parties because this is where I find out that I'm totally normal. At this teacher link up you list FIVE random things from your week. I love learning about what others are doing, and seeing that they are having the same struggles as I am. 

Click here to join the party or just explore.  

My Five Randoms include: 
1. I've been featured at Teaching Blog Addicts Freebie Friday.

2. My daughter's football team lost. I love, love, love watching football. Wish I could be afforded the opportunity to coach. Okay, so they played my son's school (which is ironic). You might be thinking I don't live with my kids. But no--- don't think that--- I've been married to their Dad for 18 years. See, our son is in an advanced cyber security program in the STEM Academy at the only high school in our area of Florida that offers it and our daughter is, well… normal. 
She's a normal girl that loves to cheer. 
So she goes to a normal school down the block from us.
I hope this isn't coming off negative. I love her dearly and am so happy she's mine. 
She cooks, cleans and does everything at home I don't have time to do. 

3. I stayed mentally sane yesterday because I didn't have to dart from sport to sport across the city because my son's swim meet was cancelled. Although it was incredibly, scorching hot yesterday afternoon. I think I would have liked to get into the AC of the car. 

4. I cleaned my kitchen cabinets! I threw out a bunch of expired stuff and am planning to donate the rest to our church. I like to restock the shelves once a year. I'm a little bit of a prepper. But that's another story I can leave for when the Walking Dead comes back. Oohhh! I can't wait! Because it's September that means October is almost here and I can't wait until the season premier! 

5. Bought my baby girl the cutest thing for her birthday which was this week. 
She's probably the only cheerleader to get a present like this. 
Yes, this is the only thing we gave her. Why? Because if times ever get rough, which they were before we finished college, she won't be shocked or remember a time when she was showered with gifts. Gifting is fun but it's important to not only remember where you come from but to honor the hard work by not glorifying it and staying humble. 
Baby girl's birthday gift: An X-Box controller. (We really needed an extra one, too!) 

I put it on the table to surprise her at breakfast time. 
She was so excited and wanted to get right to playing. 

So that's my week. I can't wait to go visit others to see what they're up to! 

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! 
Don't work too hard!!!

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  1. Ohh thanks for the freebie and congrats on the feature. I love what you do with gifts. My daughter is showered with gifts and I think she sometimes forgets all the hard work that goes behind providing those gifts!



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