Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun Friday

It's been a wonderful week in the Harrod household! 
Today I'm linking up with Doodlebugs because I love sharing, venting, and reflecting about my week.

I created a whole bunch of Freebies. 
Today I'm going to highlight one for the link up on Freebie Friday

Words can't express how much time goes into the things I share. The majority of the time spent is on researching. With that said, I decided to make this FREEBIE to demo a "sample" of what can be found in my Interactive Notebooks. 

With this FREEBIE I made an anchor chart to supplement any lesson on Text Features. 

 Here are some pictures of the inside of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grade Notebooks.

Aligned to 2nd Grade Common Core Standards: Informational Text Only is this unit. I made it on Sunday. Well, I didn't make it Sunday but I finished it on Sunday. 

There are 40 passages aligned to 2nd grade.
Each passage has 2 pages of Text Dependent Questions and 2 graphic organizers. 
Full answer key is also included! 
20 Pages of Close Reading Tools from my Best Selling Close Reading Toolkit are also included. 

We graciously took over ownership of my newest best friend! I call him "Puppy". My son calls him "Mac" from the Predator movie. My daughter calls him "Winter". My oldest calls him "Beast". Really?!?

He's so good! I don't know where or how my boys thought up such crazy names. 

Here we are tubing! 
My brother who recently returned from Japan bought a tube. One of his buddies that also returned from Japan bought a boat. They took us out to a private lake in Jacksonville for a fun day! I was brave enough to get on boat but just couldn't muster the guts to get on the tube. This was our 2nd trip to Jax in the last month. The kids had a great time! 

Here they are just getting started! Fun, fun, fun!!! 
I would love to have a boat one day! 

It's homecoming week and having kids at different high schools is more work than I ever expected it to be. 

We had dress shopping! 
A swim meet! 
Two football games! 

All the while, I was determined to make sure that we start spending what I call a "Quiet Hour" together. 
TV is off--- phones are put away--- No Xbox--- 
Bibles are on the dinner table and we all read! 
My youngest has to read aloud. 
I constantly make him stop, think, and reflect. 
He needs to improve his reading comprehension skills so, in addition to working on things I create--- I thought that this would be the best way to instill the Word yet get the much needed reading practice. We've tried this before and somehow it fizzled out. Perhaps things get so busy with school that we are simply forgetting the important things. My oldest boy can read the bible all day long. My girl--- well… Let me just say that I hope we are able to keep this going. We all need it! 


  1. That sure is one cute puppy. Looks like you guys had a blast on the lake. My family and I love to spend time on the water. As a matter of fact us on the water has appeared in several blog post. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. What a fantastic Five for Friday ready! Those interactive flip pages definitely suit my teaching style. All of my notebooks at the moment have flips, flaps and envelopes sticking out of them!

    I hope your family settle on a name for that adorable puppy soon! What a cutie!

    Best wishes,

  3. Hiya, you and your family really had some good family bonding time!!! Keep up the good work!!!! Always remember that GOD comes first and foremost in our lives and everything we do. Continue to press forward and let the creative juices flow!!! :) :) :)



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