Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hello Everyone! Today is BIG day at my house!!! Today we're celebrating our daughter's birthday. Today is her first day cheering at a high school football game. Today, our son has a swim meet as a Senior and Captain. Today my youngest has to finish a class project due tomorrow. Today is BIG, BIG day and I still need to do my hair. 

Today (ugh, I feel like I've said that a thousand times) Well, today I'm linking up with superstar Erin at I'm Lovin Lit for Thursday Throwdown: Ways to Make Learning More Interactive. So after you're done here check out her blog to check out other teachers with ways to make learning more interactive. Did I mention that she is giving away the cutest set of clipart for all that link up.  She's giving away chalkboard frames and they are simply ADORABLE! She's so sweet!!! 

I've re-released my Interactive Math Notebook Supplement Pack on Facebook. 
Now for my bloggy friends here it is! 
The new and improved Interactive Math Notebook/ Journal Supplement Pack!  

My 3rd Grade Interactive Reading Notebook Toolkit is a gem. Well, at least I think so and judging by the feedback left so far I think other people do too. Click the image to take a peek. Feel free to help me get the word out and PIN AWAYYYYYYY. 
I maintained integrity to 3rd Grade Literature, Informational Text and Foundational Skill standards. I've used Interactive Notebooks for years… I've attended and facilitated my own Interactive Notebooking workshops. At my last one I was observed by district personal. I don't usually sweat but that day I did and that's a whole other story I can leave for another day. As for "Today", there it is again I'm sticking with material. 

There are many sites where you can find "Informational Texts". :) 

However, they most likely don't have Text Dependent Questions aligned to Common Core. 

Text dependent questions and building students that are "Text Dependent" is critical. 

As stated in Appendix A of the Common Core State Standards "Text Complexity" has increased. Just take a look in Appendix A to see the increases per grade level. 

You can find many FREE passages at the 24/7 Teacher Store. 

Click the images below to see some of the bigger units. 

The image above is my newest unit with passages that have text dependent questions. 

Here are some tips on how to use Informational Texts in a lesson. 

Step One: Read aloud straight through once. It's okay to do this! 

Step Two: Reread with a purpose. This is where students will be able to learn whatever your purpose for reading is. Sample purposes: vocabulary, concepts, text structure, processes and the list can go on. 

Step Three: This step can be combined with Step Two! Read Closely!!! It's the first two words in the Common Core Anchor Standards. Code the text, annotate right on the text or with sticky notes, model how to extract and use information. 

Step Four: Remember to do Step 3 & 4 multiple times for different purposes. Multiple re-readings for different purposes is a fundamental practice! ((That wasn't the best sentence but I think my point is getting across clearly. Can you tell I don't have a lot of time here?))

Click the image below to see my Text Dependent Stems and Frames unit aligned to Anchor Standards. Use these questions when you're building assessments or during a Close Reading session. 

Use these questions for use with passages you may find on other sites. 
These will ensure that your students are receiving high quality text dependent questions that will elicit your students to cite text evidence to become "Text Dependent". 

That's it everyone! 
Have a wonderful day and a very blessed Thursday!!! 

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  1. Your interactive notebooks look awesome! We are just getting into them for grammar and math. I'd love to check out the reading one, thanks for sharing. Great ideas. :)


    PS-Good luck with the kids! It does sound like a busy day! :)


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