Saturday, June 8, 2013

Formative Assessments

Quick Idea: Give students a dry erase marker to keep in their desks. After a lesson tell them to take it out and try their best to show you what they know. Circulate the room and check for understanding. They have so much fun with this! 

Because they are engaged you have the time to conduct mini-lessons or remediate a small group. You can also see if the lesson stuck or if you need to reteach the next day. 

Take a look at my little cuties work! 

Celebrations and Extravaganzas! Something else I do regularly is give out awards. I regularly celebrate accomplishments, HARD WORK, behavior, and success. Now I use all different kinds of awards but here is one set that I have on TPT. It is editable too! 

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  1. My students love writing on their desks with wipe off markers. I wrote on my group table - only it did not wipe off! Oops!

  2. You are brave! For some reason, I just can't bring myself to let them do that. I found your blog through Fifth in the Middle's state by state linky. I am also in Florida (just outside of Tampa), so I thought I'd drop in and check out a fellow Floridian's blog. Very cute! Now, I'm your newest follower. :0)

    Mandy :0)

    Mandelina's Madness


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