Friday, June 7, 2013

Five for Friday: Flash Freebie Frenzy

My link up today is to give away 3 of my latest creations. That's right! An ultimate FLASH FREEBIE FRENZY. All because I didn't do much this week but get ready for next year. Visit the Doodle Bugs Teaching site to see what other teachers are linking up. 
There are countless FANTABULOUS ideas there. 
1. I worked crazy hard this week adding finishing touches here and there to things for next year

I've been super motivated! You see Wednesday was my last day of school and I found out that I'll be writing lesson plans to populate the State of Florida Website called C-Palms. I start next week so I couldn't miss a beat trying to crunch all this in. I'm still teaching next year but in Third. I'm excited about my summer opportunity!

2. My daughter started a little business selling cheer bows because she made the JV Cheer Squad at the high school she will be going to. News spread about it being an official little thing because she put it up on Etsy with her dad. Needless to say she's been selling one here, one there, and yesterday we got word that she has her first BIG order for a squad at a local high school. She first started selling bows as a way of paying her Cheer Fee because it's over $1000 and that's kind of a lot of money when your parents are both teachers whose pay has been reduced year after year. I did my best to raise funds through donations. A LOT of friends and family really stepped up. We still owe some and it's due by Monday. So it looks like she'll be paying me back. :) 

A family photo taken at the last magic home game. From the left you see my hubby, myself, my senior boy behind me, my freshman girl, and my 4th grader. There's also the arm of our hilarious teenage neighbor. 

3. On Monday I finished up my 2nd Grade Common Core summer packet just in time to print for summer. Want it??? All you have to do is follow my blog, my TPT store, pin it to Pinterest or Facebook It and say "I want the 2nd Grade Summer Packet" in the comments section below. Then email me at or write your email address in the comments section below. I'll email it to you speedy quick. 

* The first person who asks gets it. Click the picture to see it at my TPT Store. 

* One tiny rule to remember: One product per person. :) Gotta share the love! 

* If you're super happy with the product--- it would mean the world to me to get some blog braggin love!!! 

4. I finished up my 3rd Grade Close Reading Toolkit. It's over 100 Pages and completely aligned to 3rd Grade Common Core ELA Literature and Informational Text Standards. In includes 3 Graphic Organizer/ Reading Response Sheets for each standard, small group lesson plans, anchor charts, text dependent question cards and so much more! 

Want it??? Just follow my blog, follow my TPT Store, pin it to Pinterest or Facebook from my TPT Store and be the first to say "I want the 3rd Grade Common Core ReadingToolkit!" and email me at or type your email in the comments section below so I can get it to you. If you're happy with the product--- Some blog bragging love would be very much appreciated and mean the world to meeeee!!!

First person gets it! Keep in mind: One product per person. :) Gotta share the love! 

Click the picture to see it at my TPT Store.

5. Today I pulled activities from my 2nd grade summer pack and MEGA ADDED to it. I ended up creating a very extensive 2nd Grade Math Assessment Unit that addresses EVERY 2nd Grade Standard. This unit is a real gem because I used it to prep for my new opportunity next week with the C-Palms people. Needless to say--- EVERYTHING is covered! I truly don't think I left out anything. 

Want it??? Just be the first to type in the comment section "I want the 2nd Grade Common Core Math Unit" and it's all yours. Just follow my blog, be a follower of my TPT store and pin it to Pinterest and/or Facebook from my TPT store. Oh, oh, oh! Most importantly don't forget: You need to email me at or put your email address in the comments section so I can email it to you. It would be a kind gesture if you have a blog and blog bragged about it--- well that's if you're happy with it. ;) That would just mean the world to meeee!!!! 

Keep in mind: 1 free product per person. Gotta share the loveeeee!


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  1. Just found your site through Five for Friday and am so glad I did. Your products look wonderful. Thanks for sharing! I am a new follower...

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  2. I Want it! 2nd grade common core assessments! Thank You! Love your stuff.

    1. The Summer packet I meant to type.



  4. Sending now! BTW That pic is gorgeous!!!

  5. I would love the 2nd grade common core math assessments! Here is my pin:

  6. Enjoy Rachel! Thanks so much for the love! Sending now!

  7. WOW-I sure wish you taught 6th grade!! :)

    Have fun with the lesson plan project. I got accepted to the National Writing Project so I'm BUSY the whole month of June with that and loving it!


  8. Congrats on the NWP! That's the Big Time! I love EVERYTHING Columbia Teachers College puts out.

  9. I just found you through the Friday Five and glad I did! You have some fabulous products in your store. I am your newest follower, and boy oh boy do I wish you taught first!!! I'm telling all my 2nd/3rd friends about you! ~Heather

  10. Thanks, Amy!! It's been a whirlwind so far! :)


  11. It sounds like you've been a busy bee creating, your daughter must get the bug from you. :) Congrats to both of you for your creations & success.



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