Thursday, August 15, 2013

Classroom Management & Champs

Linking up with Blog Hoppin to share Classroom Management Tips! I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend a Champs workshop before I started teaching. It was there that I learned that there are ESSENTIAL and CRITICAL things that need to be posted in a classroom. This was all cemented even more when I became an Academic Coach through attending multiple workshops about Champs. 

Going backwards a little bit--- before my first day teaching I posted my classroom rules. My husband who was already a teacher asked "Where are your consequences?" Consequences! I didn't want to post consequences because to me it just seemed negative. See my husband is a middle school teacher and I'm elementary. I felt that only positive things should be posted. Not consequences! 

Later in my first week I went to a Champs workshop and my whole outlook changed. I quickly learned that I needed to address voice levels for each activity, expectations and ways to get help for each and every lesson, activity, and transition. If you've never attended  a Champs workshop Champs stands for Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement and Participation. It is recommended that each part in the acronym be addressed for everything you do. And it works too! As a coach I've seen countless teachers effortlessly implement this in the classroom. Well they sure make it look effortless. As for me it wasn't effortless so I posted everything as reminders for me more than the students. 

Now going back to the consequences. Yes, I quickly learned that consequences needed to be posted so they can be referred to as needed and serve as a visual reminder. Take a look at some of the freebies below to use in your classroom or use as a model to design your own.

Just click the image! 

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