Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Math Product

Take a peek at my new product. Watch the You Tube Commercial below. In an effort to reflect the intensity of PARCC I did not include any multiple choice items. This unit addresses all the 3rd Grade Common Core Standards and meets Standards for Mathematical Practice as well. This product would be great for the 4th grade morning work, homework or practice work for review purposes only. All too often we forget that with the transition to Common Core students may not have received instruction in a standard due to the transition and lack of spiraling and articulation between grade levels. 

I spent three weeks on this product and am so thankful I have a 3rd grader at home to practice on. Fortunately my hubby is a teacher so he was able to proof for me. 

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  1. You did such a nice job on this! I totally would have paid $100 to have this! Thanks again. So glad I found you in the blogging world :)


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