Saturday, August 3, 2013

Winner & New Products

In honor of Tax Free Weekend here in Florida I have my whole store at 20% and I'm still listing all my new products at 50% off. So there's some major savings going on at my store. I probably should have timed the posting better so I'm not at such a loss but THATS OKAY! I like to stay true to my word and postponing things just isn't me. Before I go on: 
First things first or second let's cut to the chase and announce a winner. Drummmmmmmm roll! 

You'll have to see on my FB Page. Well okay I'll tell you here. It's Karen H. I used the random number generator that I see on a lot of peoples blogs. I took it off the post because things became ever so confusing for me. Once the blog post was done and I clicked "generate". I went back into the blog post to post Karen's name and then re-published the post. Then BOOM it was gone! Well her number was gone. Not the widget. It seems like you can't go back into a post once it's published with the random number generator. Ugh! If anyone has any advice to offer me on that I'd really appreciate it. Either way! Karen is the big winner! Congratulatory Celebrations to Karen H.! 

I love all the research that goes into making the products I post on TpT. I seem to be completely lost when I am in the process of creating. I really, truly love creating and sharing. Decisions, Decisions! With that said, check out my newest products that are "mini" units from within some of my bigger units. These are all at 50% off today with my 20% off sale.


I also lowered the price of my First Day Jitters Unit. It looks like you can get right now for just $3.60. If you pick it up kindly leave feedback and respectable ratings. I worked hard on that unit so I may decide to raise the price on it later today. 

A quick shout out to Michelle The 3am Teacher for inspiring me. 
She is one of the most honest, hilarious and motivating bloggers I've ever seen! 
I have her button to the right or click the image below to follow her today! 


  1. Iowa has a tax-free holiday, too, and I love it! (Does every state have one?) Also, thanks for the tip on the 3am Teacher...I'm heading on over! ~Deb
    Crafting Connections

  2. We are having our tax free weekend this weekend in North Carolina.

    1. Hiya Karen! Please email me at or so I can get the other gift card to you.

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