Saturday, July 13, 2013

Loving Saturdays!

Oh how I loveeeee Saturdays! My dear childhood friend Leslie at First Grade and Flip Flops is having a sweet giveaway--- $15 TpT Gift Certificate and a Mega Cute Wizard of Oz Decor Pack. Hurry it ends tomorrow! She's one of the kindest people you'll meet. It's so cool that we're still friends and teaching in the same county we grew up in. Check her out! 

There are so many linkies going on today but not all of them fit me until I saw this. Loveeeee it! It's hosted by A Tale of Two K Teachers

First Day of school means First Day Jitters! 
I have a whole unit built around it! 
It's 20% on sale today only! 

Take a look at this! What is that? 

A Registry for Teachers at Walmart! 


I couldn't resist doing a double post just to share this. 

Join the linky fun at Run Miss Nelson's Got the Camera

So here's the You Tube Video about it! 

I don't know about you but a Registry at Walmart is totally new to me. Linking up with Lovin' Kindergarten with Mrs. Lindsey for Something New.


  1. cool ... I'm off to check it out

  2. I like the Walmart registry idea. That could be very helpful.
    Polliwog Place

  3. Hello! I'm your newest follower and found you through Miss Nelson's Linky. i wonder how many people would buy from the registry...hmmmmm...


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