Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Freebie 116 Awards, Diplomas & More

Finally finished my newest product! I plan to have an awards ceremony every Friday the last 3 weeks of the year.  

Week 1: Non-Academic Awards: Neatest Desk, Amazing Artist, Fastest Runner, Best Team Player, Best Listener, Friendship, Funniest Girl, Funniest Boy, Ray of Sunshine, Most Creative, Perfect Attendance, Best Manners, Sweetest Girl, Finest Gentleman, Best Helper, Worker Bee, Leadership, Kindest Girl, Kindest Gentleman, Citizenship, Most Caring, Most Responsible, Most Cooperative, Most Careful, Most Responsible, Most Alert, Most Curious, Most Patient, Most Truthful, Best Singer and Best Musician

Week 2: Future Awards: These are awards similar to "Most Likely To" awards: Doctor
Lawyer, Leader, President, Teacher, Engineer, Forest Ranger, Police Officer, Paramedic, Firefighter, Librarian, Architect, Nutritionist, Accountant, Grammy Winner, Musician, Rockstar, Music Award Winner, Producer, Director, Movie Star, Navy Seal, Army Commander, Soldier, Air Force, Marine, Monster Shopper, Bargain Shopper, Computer Engineer, Olympian, Olympic Gold Medal, NBA Star, NFL Star, PGA Player, Future World Cup, Extreme Sports, Stanley Cup, Gardener, Meteorologist, Astronaut, Astronomer, Author, Scientist, Private Investigator, Veterinarian

Week 3: Smarty Pants Awards: 
Writing, Poetry, Hand-Writing, Creative Writing, Reading, Spelling, Fluency, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Reading Expression, Mathematics, Math Fact, Word Problem, Time Teller, Coin Counter, Measurement, Science, Plant Knowledge, Animal Knowledge, Health Knowledge, Technology, Computer Literacy, Social Studies, World History, American History, Geography, Academic, Highest Average, Highest Grades, Academic Excellence, Most Improved Reader, Most Improved Math, Most Improved Science, Most Improved Social Studies

Diplomas for Each Grade Level: Kinder to 5th

Want it???? It can be yours! All you'll have to do is be the first one to type: "I want it!" in the comment section and include your email --- Be a respective follower of my TPT Store and follow my blog. That's it! No Catch! Nothing extra peppered in. I will email it to you within 24 hours. Of course if you like it--- I think it would be a kind gesture if you could give this product a shout out on Pinterest, Facebook or your own blog. :-) You can only claim one freebie per week. Share the love! Thanks!


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  5. That's a great idea, separating the awards like that! Are the awards editable? I am your newest follower.

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