Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Sweet Flash Freebie!

I spent a small fortune on Clip Art the past few weeks so I decided to tweak my End of Year Awards to an Editable End of Year Awards then I decided to make Candy Bar Awards. So here's how I came about this idea. One day my 14 year old daughter came home with the cutest invitation. It was on a Candy Bar. How adorable is that? Then I Pinterested it and there it was Candy Bar invitations, announcements, and a ton of  personalized wrappers. 

Three cheers for my newest product!!! 

So without any further adieu! The first person to comment "I want it!", follow my TPT Store, my blog, and leave their email address will receive my End of Year Candy Bar Awards absolutely FREE! No gimmicks! However it would be a kind gesture if my product was pinned to Pinterest from my TPT Store. :)  It's super easy to pin from TPT too! Only one freebie per week per follower. Thanks! We've got to share the love! 

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  1. I want it! Who doesn't love candy? It would be great to hand out to the students! I have 12 days left!


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