Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Text Exemplar Performance Tasks

$4 for all the Text Exemplar Performance Tasks in Appendix B. This was the longest project ever! It took me nearly 2 weeks to complete. Maintaining fidelity to Appendix B was the most significant factor in how time consuming this project was. I created it in response to the new Common Core State Standards.

As an Academic Coach last year I went to countless workshops. Over and over again I heard about read alouds in Common Core. Never before in a set of standards have I heard this. So in response I generated a set that matches exactly what is stated in Appendix B. Perhaps someone has already completed the task. Perhaps my creation is not correct. Perhaps my perception was off. So far the product is rated a 4.0 on TPT. So far I've received all kind compliments. Perhaps my efforts are worth it and I'm able to help other teachers in grades 2-3. Listed low because we need it!

Take a look!

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